Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Solorio has over 25 years of experience. Over 5 years of amalgam free holistic dental experience.

Our mission is to restore the health, function and well being of our patients, using proven holistic dental techniques and biocompatible materials.

We prefer to work hand in hand with your physician to achieve the best results possible.

Dr. Hulda Clark Protocols
She considers that our techniques and the way we practice is very compatible to her protocol. She refers her clients to us.

Dr Hulda Clark
Dr. Hulda Clark

"Things we have seen through her methods are very blatant, you can't really ignore them ... you see the benefits it produces." -- Oscar Solorio, DDS.

Dr. Hulda Clark is the author of several best selling books about cancer recovery.

The Cure For All Diseases
The Cure For All Cancers
The Cure For All Advanced Cancers
The Cure For All HIV and AIDS
The Prevention of All Cancer
The Syncrometer Science Manual

Other Protocols
We can’t impose one certain philosophy upon everyone walking into our office.
We always inform the patient about the different protocols available. However they are the ones to take the final decision on what kind of dental work they request, often in conjunction with their holistic physician.

Dr Oscar Solorio
Dr. Oscar Solorio